Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Sight Unseen

Well this is a sick blog here but none the less I am going to tell you this part of my life also. I was a single mother of two at the time and I was trying to work to provide a better life. At the time my biological mother lived up the street but she would not help me with the babysitting. I guess as I look back on it now maybe she figured she raised her children and she did not want to raise mine, besides i laid down and made them all by-self. Well with the help of two men who cared not to help raise them. any way one day while i was at work after a very long shift I went to pick up my son just to realize that he could not open his eye. Now as a mother you wanna know your child cannot open their eye. Well i took my fingers and opened his eye only to have his eyeball almost fall out in my hand! i was mad and hurt but rage is what I felt most. I was a police cadet at the time, So i grabbed my oldest son and after dropping my baby off at children's hospital I went back over there to woop this care giver's ass. I will never forget that night. anger had fully taken over me, I could not forgive this lady. I wanted her to die. How would my son manage I thought with just one eye? I mean the world is so cruel even when you have no problems. Well after all that I go back to the hospital and i call my mother hoping to get moral support, but instead my mother wanted to know why did I call her, and to make matters worse she told me she hated me. She let me know had i never been working this would have never happened... since then my husband and I have gotten my son every possible surgery that is humanly possible. I am happy to say he does everything anyone else can do and more, And i owe all that to God. he is a great student, I told this story for all people to know that God even takes the worse situations and use it for his glory. I was not always this spiritual and many times i was mad at god, but had it not been for God I do not know where I would be... This and many more stories are in Facelift by Faith

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